Welcome to the FHS Clippers Sailing Team Boosters Club!

We are a 501(c)3 corporation, formed with the mission of supporting the FHS Varsity Sailing Teamís efforts to make sailing accessible and enjoyable for all FHS students interested in the sport. Our mission promotes the health and wellness of FHS students by encouraging and supporting their participation in a challenging lifetime sport that is enjoyed outdoors, with competition as an element of the athletic experience.

Falmouth Road Race Matching Grant

Great news! The Falmouth Road Race, Inc. matching grant, to provide up to $25,000 in support for our teamís activities, has been met.

We will have more information about this offer and the results for our team. In the meantime, hearty thanks to all the organizations and the individuals whose generous donations and encouragement made the match come true.

2016 Season Pictures
Sponsors and Supporters
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Season Starts March 20!
The first practice will be on March 20 at FHS, from 3-4pm.
Here is the 2017 meet schedule and feel free to email us for more info.

Figawi Team 2016

Thanks to Sponsors and Supporters

For many years, the team trained and raced in borrowed boats and freely offered facilities, thanks to the generosity of the Falmouth Harbor Sailing School, Falmouth Yacht Club, Green Pond Yacht Club, the Falmouth Harbormasterís office, and many others in Falmouth. For the 2016 season, we add our thanks to Bourne Community Boating and Kingman Yacht Center. And of course, our many and generous donors to the Road Race matching grant appeal!

Our sponsors also include Integrated Statistics, Inc. and Sciencewares, Inc.