Welcome to the FHS Clippers Sailing Team Boosters Club!

We are a 501(c)3 corporation, formed with the mission of supporting the FHS Varsity Sailing Team’s efforts to make sailing accessible and enjoyable for all FHS students interested in the sport. Our mission promotes the health and wellness of FHS students by encouraging and supporting their participation in a challenging lifetime sport that is enjoyed outdoors, with competition as an element of the athletic experience.

Falmouth Road Race Matching Grant

Great news! we have received a Falmouth Road Race, Inc. matching grant that will allow us to provide up to $25,000 in support for our team’s activities.

We have until December 31, 2016 to find $12,500, which the Falmouth Road Race has generously offered to match. By raising that money, we can reach the following long-held goals for our team:

•Purchase a safe, effective coach boat to support practices and meets. The coach boat is the most important safety device for the sailors, allowing the coach and support staff to move quickly to assist sailors or boats, to ferry sailors to moored boats, to provide individual instruction to sailors, to stay near to monitor struggling sailors, and to tow boats if needed. For meets, the coach boat places marks to define the course, substitutes sailors for different races, and referees the racing. A specialized coach boat would support our coaching staff safely and efficiently, require minimal maintenance, and allow the team a much wider choice of venues.

•Purchase and maintain additional racing boats. Buying our current fleet of six second-hand 420s took every penny that the sailors and boosters had or could raise. However, such a small fleet means individual sailors get less sailing time during practices, and of course damage to any boat completely rules out hosting any competition.

•Purchase dry suits, PFDs, etc. Since sailing is a spring sport, each sailor requires a PFD, dry suit, gloves, and booties. The frigid water makes these items a necessity, but the high initial cost can be a barrier. We want to build up a small stash of used gear so prospective or new team members can borrow rather than purchase new.

The matching grant from Falmouth Road Race, Inc. represents a tremendous opportunity for the team to reach for stability and safety. Will you help us to reach our goals, and to support the next generation of sailors as they head into the 2017 season?

Your donation is tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. 

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Our matching grant expires on December 31, 2016...
Please donate or pledge now - or email us for more info.

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Thanks to Sponsors and Supporters

For many years, the team trained and raced in borrowed boats and freely offered facilities, thanks to the generosity of the Falmouth Harbor Sailing School, Falmouth Yacht Club, Green Pond Yacht Club, the Falmouth Harbormaster’s office, and many others in Falmouth. For the 2016 season, we add our thanks to Bourne Community Boating and Kingman Yacht Center.

Our sponsors also include Integrated Statistics, Inc. and Sciencewares, Inc.